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deCIPHERando a Rita

Sunways Security File #247174y510987h3df8708
This is a Code Orange File. Any persons found in possession of this
material without adequate Level 6 Security Clearance will be immediately
prosecuted under Sunways Special order 43875.

Foster Rita
Sunways Security File

Foster, Rita
A.K.A. Dr. Kelley Doris, Natassia Sarbinski, Amy Green, Namie Tsukemodo,
Fung-Yu, Kitty Wells, Ju Pau Killbit, Horatia Delusentopolis, Jill
Hopkins, Akita Spools, Francesca Pitolesi, Dorlissa «Hurricane» Trubadore,
Anias Schmidt, Antoinette Dubois, Ilsa Von Kustanst, Erica Sinyor, Ika

Vital Stats: Sex Female, Race Asian, Height 5'6'', Weight 105 pounds

Born: January 6, 1971

Education Pekin Opera, PHD in Criminology and Behavioral Sciences, Stan...

Present Whereabouts: Unknown

shock troops for «Insurgency and anarchist ties», Rita Foster's original
name was Tsing Lung. She was adopted by a family of circus acrobats known...
the Panda Clan famous for unusual «Panda-like» black markings on their
skin. To protect her form the clutches of the stage orphanage they painted
to resemble their own and look her on a cross country tour. Under Panda
tutelage, Foster became a first rate contortionist, performing in the small
towns and villages which dot the countryside of the Soughern provinces of
China, in 1976.

Hong Tao a former strong man saw her act. Recognizing her talent, he brought
age often she became a featured trapeze artist. In spite of her success,
she longed to escape from the brutal life of the circus. During the 1982
world tour of the Peking Opera, she defected to the West. Her first home
outside of Chine was in Rome, Italy, where she scraped together a living as
street perfomer. Little is know of this period. It has been rumored that

orchestrated the illegal sale of priceless artifacts from the Vatican. The
procurement of these religious objects was secretly ordered by the highest
echelons of the Catholic Church to assist in easing its own financial woes.
Foster may have been employed by Rooks to help steal these items from vaults
... and later replace them with...
forgenes. Most famous of these pieces was the Shroud of Turin which Rooks
is rumored to have kept for himself. In 1982, exactly one year later, Foster
crossed the Atlantic to New York. It is at this time that Foster acquired her
American name and citizenship, presumably with the assistance of Rooks,
Foster had little difficulty adapting to the American lifestyle, having
studied English in ???. In a very short period of time, she became a
fashion model. By the age of sixteen she was courted by the New York’s top
agencies, but she turned her back on the fashion industry when she was
accepted to Stanford University. There she studied behavioral sciences,
eventually specializing in criminology. Her 1994 graduate thesis “Aberrant
Behavior of the Unconscious Criminal” caused a great controversy, linking
criminal behavior with the subconscious mind. Foster argued that latent
identities exist in recesses of the cerebral cortex. Some of these identities
antisocial by nature and therefore inclined to criminal behavior. Her paper
argued that these aberrant entities served an essential function in the
evolution of social design. “By challenging moral standards they invoke
change.” Therefore she reasoned, antisocial behavior is a positive force for
societal progression. So explosive was this notion that the Stanford
psychology department tried to suppress the publication of Foster’s findings
Angered but unable to fight back, Foster turned her back on academia. At this
critical juncture on her life, Rooks once again appeared on the scene. There
is no clear evidence of their meeting but close friends of Foster claimed
that she had been invited to a remote island in the South Pacific to spend
time on Rook’s yacht. In 1996 all traces of Foster vanished. While there is
no exclusive evidence to links her to Rooks’ operations in this period, she
may have participated in famous Rook’s “Triad Info Hijacking”. This
constituted a major security breach within the Triad of megacorporations, of
which Sunways is a member. It would seem that Foster had come to embody
own thesis of the criminal mind. She is suspected of helping Rooks spread
disinformation to Sunways’ sister company. New Path Technologies and seed
agents in Sunways’ most sensitive information centers. By the end of 2000 it
became apparent that Rita Foster was Rook’s number one operative. Whenever
Sunways was required Rooks’ services, his chief representative has been
Foster. While contact with her remains indirect, it appears that her
relationship with Rooks may extend beyond the professional. In other words,
Foster may be Rooks’ Achilles heal. If she is destroyed, Sunways may have a
chance to seriously damaging Rooks’ counter -Triad operations. It is the
recommendation of the Sunways Security Chief Francis C. Callaway that Rita
Foster be targeted for elimination. This a Code Orange Termination Order
Code #48754354.

Terminate with extreme prejudice.

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